Tuesday, November 08, 2005

RMT Demonstration

Despite the tube and bus bombings on 7 July, the Government and London Underground are pressing ahead with plans to cut station staff numbers on the Underground. They are either in their own dream world, or they just don't give a monkeys!

The Government introduced legal minimum staffing levels after 31 people died in an underground fire at Kings Cross in 1987. Now they want to abolish these rules - assuming no one will care!

The RMT has called a national demonstration outside Kings Cross Station on Saturday November 26 assembling at 11:30am. This protest is supported by the FBU and Aslef.

Speakers include RMT general secretary Bob Crow, Aslef general secretary Keith Norman, FBU general secretary Matt Wrack, John McDonnell MP and TUC south-east regional secretary Mick Connolly.

Please spread the word to trade union activists including health and safety reps.

Oliver New

Download leaflets and posters from the RMT web site at:



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