Saturday, August 20, 2005

Defend Council Housing campaign news

30% of local authorities failed to meet the government July 31 deadline for getting their options appraisals approved.
The new 8 page DCH newspaper argues the government policy of privatising council housing is hitting big opposition. Bulk order copies to distribute to tenants, councillors and trade unions in your area (£18 per 100 / £100 per 1000). The arguments are relevant to all those in areas facing transfer, PFI or ALMO and in authorities which have voted for ‘stock retention’ – both need government to concede the ‘fourth option’.

DCH has been told of 77 authorities that have gone for stock retention. Many of those formally proposing transfer or ALMO expect stiff resistance. DCH has already been approached by tenants, councillors, trade unions and MPs from a large number of areas asking for help with organising a local campaign.

Check what your local council is proposing – there’s a stock options spreadsheet on the DCH website (email updates). Help us co-ordinate individuals and organisations in each area that want to campaign - send us contact details for tenants, councillors, trade unions and political parties in your area opposed to privatisation.

We still have some copies of the House of Commons Council Housing group’s 40 page full report. Copies £10 (free to individual tenants) with reductions negotiated for bulk orders.

DCH will be holding fringe meetings at both the TUC and Labour Party Conferences in Brighton. If you are attending either conference please get in touch to help distribute material.

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